CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA and PAGLIACCI – Klagenfurt – Kleine Zeitung

“The Klagenfurt City Theatre recently celebrated the musically outstanding premier of the opera-twins: Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci. […]

The closing scene of Ruggero Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci at the Klagenfurt City Theatre is the strongest part of the production, with the devilish Tonio as the centre figure.

Csaba Szegedi as Tonio plays the villain of the dramatic plot with exceptional presence, his strong baritone is also able to reveal  the softest tones.

One can only speak with admiration about the rest of the cast: the voluminous soprano of Mary Elizabeth Williams as Santuzza can also show an intimate mezzavoce.  Ricardo Tamura sings both Tonio and Turridu with the same, beautiful, strong tenor and brilliant hights. […] The performance of Guanqun Yu as Nedda shows a fine, flexible soprano,while  Anna Werle’s Lola is coquettish and Andrea Borghini presents us Silvio with beautiful voice. […]

Conductor Alexander Soddy reveals the virtues of the orchestra not only in the  intermezzos and the closing scene, but  also lets them sparkle with powerful emotions throughout the evening.

In both short operas, Marco Štorman creates a world in which noone shows their true faces  and we can never  be sure if we are awake or dreaming. […] Success – beyond all question!”

Helmut Christian
Translator: Fanni Sólyom – Nagy