Senza sangue; Bluebeard’s Castle


Operas with Hungarian and English surtitles

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Béla Bartók’s one-act opera is an extraordinary and enigmatic work that, in terms of how it is interpreted and staged, poses an exciting challenge for directors, their creative teams and performers alike. Little wonder that it is such a popular work on opera schedules both in Hungary and abroad. Promising to be one of the most thrilling premieres of the “Around the Ring” Season is the new production of Bluebeard’s Castle by internationally acclaimed director Kasper Holten. “To read, listen think and feel. The important thing is to avoid analysing it according to any preconception or always employing the same artistic style, but rather to develop a relationship with the work so I can completely understand what it is about it that fascinates me so much. Only then can I get started on the aesthetics, the concept and so forth,” says Holten.
As part of the Bluebeard100 programme series, Eötvös’ Senza sangue will be performed together with the premiere of the new production of Bluebeard’s Castle, as the first piece for the evening, in a concert format based on Kasper Holten’s directing of the work.


Conductor: Péter Eötvös / Gergely Vajda

The man: Csaba Szegedi
The woman: Andrea Meláth

Composer: Péter Eötvös
Libretto based on Alessandro Baricco’s novella of the same title by Mari Mezei


Opera in one act, in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles

Péter Eötvös / Gergely Vajda

Judith: Ildikó Komlósi
Bluebeard: András Palerdi

Composer: Béla Bartók
Librettist: Béla Balázs
Director: Kasper Holten
Set designer: Steffen Aarfing
Dramaturg: Judit Kenesey